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 Last Weekend:
Family dinner for our oldest sons 15th birthday.
He requested Steak. I added Mashed Potatoes, Carrots and Caramelized Onions as our sides.
Another beautiful spring day and Hershey has a fresh haircut.
The 2 littles and I took Hershey on a long walk around our neighborhood.
 Tuesday and Wednesday:
Baseball practice has begun for our 10 year old.
Girlie is a bit disappointed her coach hasn't emailed her practice schedule yet.
I keep reminding her hers will start after Spring Break.
As I come through the basement to get my morning coffee refill
the mister is sitting playing his video game time and says,
"I'm just about to get my high score!"
And today we wake to rain drops on the window.
It's our first day of Spring Break!!

Have a good weekend.



  1. Our 6 yr old is SO pumped for spring ball to start! :) he's graduating to coach pitch from T-Ball. I love that we are entering the sports phase!!

  2. What a lovely week. I can't wait until Caleb is in sports...very soon! I love the picture with your little guy and his feet up :)

  3. You've been gone all week. I hope that means you're having a wonderful Spring Break!



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