Here is a peek at a few of my cell phone pictures this week-
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Saturday afternoon hubs and I had a lunch date.
On the way out of town hubs says we are going to get a car wash first.
I'm hungry now... I tell him looking at the clock. It was noon.
It will only add 20 minutes to our trip, hubs said.
To which I said, an hour and a half I'm sure!!
(I was right and the restaurant burnt my meal so we had to wait an extra amount of time until they cooked a new meal!
I was good and hungry by that point!)

Sunday first shave for our oldest before church. 
(no cuts!!)

Monday clean sheets for my bed with a new green spring blanket. (I like it!)
It's also important to note on Monday I took the mister to the library (he LOVES!)
and I relieved my library guilt paying our over due fees.

Tuesday (my pics are out of order here) the kids enjoyed the warm weather after school.

Wednesday girlie woke to see me in the same outfit I had on from Tuesday.
(I put it back on to avoid taking the garbage down in my pajamas; 
it's too light out in the early morning to do that now-)
Girlie then asks if she can wear the same outfit she had on yesterday to school. (um, no)

Thursday capturing a good bye wave from girlie as I drop her off for kg.
(she does this; cute!)
And I tried the pizza roll ups from Pinterest.
YUMMY. I will make double the batch next time. Maybe triple.

Which brings us to today.
Loved seeing the straight sun with all of its flares across my great room this morn;
it made me forget the huge pile of laundry I have to fold for just a moment. ;)

Have a good weekend!!


  1. happy friday! cute pic of you and your hubs and did you put that pizza roll up recipe on your other blog?! looks yummy. love the response to your daughters request for wearing the same outfit again. (um, no)....
    <3 <3 <3

  2. Nice pics. Can't imagine my boy shaving, but it will come soon enough. Time flies.

  3. Yum! The pizza rolls look great! :D

  4. What a great week...dates, shaving, nice weather and fresh sheets! I will have to check out those pizza rolls :)



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