Candy Land

Oh, my 4 year old boy...
I just came downstairs yesterday to sit and watch you play.
I don't do this nearly enough I think to myself.
You were so excited to see me sitting there-
Candy Land??
You ask. I tell you to bring it over from off of the chair just
on the other side of the wall we are sitting on.
I point just to make sure you understand.
You quickly come around the corner carrying the box real proud.
Setting up the game all on your own and I give the cards one
quick shuffle before we give it a go...
You're blue (as always) and I'm yellow.
You quickly move almost to the end.
(fair and square)
With my lagging so far behind the game starts for a moment to feel dull...
Then the excitement builds as you wonder if I'm going to draw something 'good.'
(yes, that's a whoopie cushion directly under my chair; a favorite toy in this house!)
We play to the end.
You don't give up if it looks like I'm going to win.
In the end you win.
Fair and square.


  1. What a sweet moment! I love the picture where you are looking at him with such joy. The whoopie cushion is hilarious :) Caleb has that same truck with cars.

  2. i love those last two pics. pure sweetness <3



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