The 4 o'clock photo.

Oh, this afternoon is gorgeous. However, the children think it's a bit too hot (!) for playing out right now. Earlier this afternoon I took the 2 youngest boys to the playground. (the one our big mister says the whole family has to come to because it is just that fun!) The boys were swinging as high as they could go. Each of them were pretending to be space ships. Our 10 year old got really into it and was all the way up to 'warp four' when he flew out of the swing landing flat on his face burying himself in the mulch. (he is okay) He stood quickly spitting the mulch out of his mouth while I asked if he was okay while looking him over from head to toe. I looked him in the eyes (that were starting to well with tears) and said next time he probably shouldn't go as fast as 'mach four' he grinned and corrected me... I was going warp four when I crashed. The enterprise crashed at warp two. At least I made it to four!! My Star Trek boy.



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  1. I'm glad he's OK...he's hilarious! The weather has been so beautiful and we've been enjoying each minute :)



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