If I've done my calculations right it's been 6 years since I've ironed my husbands shirts.
He does it every single morning while
I make him breakfast every single morning. 
I've never said I couldn't handle the breakfast thing and I don't think I ever will-
It's really pretty easy and I can stop mid point if I need to and/or handle many 
distractions while making it. That just wasn't so as I ironed. 
In an effort to keep things simple or to simplify
I've decided not only to do a top 5 each day but also to try
implementing this system for the kids:
Make something Monday, Time to read Tuesday, What's cooking Wednesday,
Be thoughtful Thursday, and Somewhere fun Friday.
I think it will help us to find some balance too.
(because what I tend to do is pile it all on to one or two days; wearing myself out!)
(originally found on Pinterest)
It's Wednesday:
The reality of my top 5 yesterday?
I did 4.
So I'll place 'birthday reservation' at the top of my list for today.
(our middle son is going to be 10!)
Then I need to make a grocery list, shop, renew our plates, and write the 'kid' system on the chalkboard.

My top 5.


Hershey's Moma


  1. You put me to shame! haha I'll need to check that system out. :)

    1. Ha! I don't mean to!! Does it help if I tell you I only make him a peanut butter (almond) and honey sandwich to take along in the car???!! ;) Because, really I do.
      This top 5 a day is really helping me to stay more focused. I had to work myself up to it though as I was originally doing a top 5 a week...



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