So if yesterday took just under 2 hours to straighten the house putting
 all of the toys, blankets, pillows and such away-
(and even re-hanging the heart paper chain)
Today will take close to 40 minutes.
It's the dinner dishes today that need my immediate attention.
Then the toys left out on the drive last night.
I saw them as I pulled in from the after practice pick up 
and only had our oldest put the bike back in the garage 
leaving the balls and a bucket for later.
Later will be this morning with a prompt for 
big mister to complete the task.
Yesterday as the 'big' kids were in school the big mister and I did a little shopping at the mall.
"This is my favorite mall!" he exclaims as we walk in.
It's not mine but it is the one I have returns for
otherwise I'd be at my favorite mall-
(not that I've grown to like shopping)
It's an easy walk through the mall to the stores we need.
We did just what we needed to do and had a little bit of time 
for big mister to leisurely browse the Disney Store.
He had a dollar in his pocket-
The first stop he decided he wanted a package of die cast cars.
However, he quickly left the store without even asking me if
he could have them.
I went with it.
On our last stop in he longingly looked at the cars and 
stepped down to the buzz lightyear gun.
"This is the one I want!" he excitedly says as he holds it.
"How much is it," he asks without taking his eyes off of the package.
I take the package and turn it over seeing that it's 20 dollars.
I tell him and he starts to walk out of the store while 
"I'm going to have to save my money."
He rehearses with me how much money he has at home in his money jar
and wants me to add that to the dollar in his pocket.
Next he devises a plan to make more money.
We decide it will be about 5 chores later and we will be back to buy it.
I think I'll give him a week.
We'll see how he does. 

 It's Tuesday:
I need to book a kennel reservation, a birthday party reservation,
a few more bills to write, run the 3 miles I didn't do yesterday,
and book a few dental check-ups.
My top 5.


Hershey's Moma


  1. Isn't the top 5 great!?! Simple things :) I love, LOVE that your Big Mister has a plan to save for what he wants...to work hard. Way to go!

  2. booking dental check ups is on my top 5, too. thanks for that link, i just love practical stuff like that!
    <3 <3 <3



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