From where I sit (yesterday morn.) I can see our big mister. He's crawling under the train table. I'm not so sure what he's doing until I hear the money start to clang. I get out of my seat and walk over. He says looking up at me, "don't tell {my sister}." He doesn't want her to find the money jar. We count the money he's been saving while completing different chores. "Mom, what chore can I do now?" he  will ask me at different times through out the day... Daddy knows he is collecting and gave him his spare change last night to add to his jar. He was so excited as he received the money he didn't quite know how to act. "Go put it in your jar so you don't loose it." I reminded him. He is getting so close to being able to get his 'surprise' toy. (he calls it the surprise and won't let his brothers and sister in on just what it is he's collecting for!) While they are away at school he feels safe enough to let me know just what he's collecting for. I act as if it's the first time he has told me about this toy every time he brings it up. The anticipation. Something for him to look forward to. Just as I told our oldest regarding an activity he would like to do. I told him no, not now so you can look forward to doing that when you are a bit older...
It's Thursday.
Another top 5-
I've got laundry to put away, a call to make regarding our flooring, get the oil changed for my car, make an appt. with the accountant,  and I can't forget baseball sign-ups!!


Hersheys' Moma

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  1. Amy...don't forget baseball sign ups :) I love that you're putting your Top 5 at the end. I forgot my planner at home and I can't remember what I had down for I can't wait for your Big Mister to get his surprise...his efforts are priceless! You're such a good mama.



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