Re-stock Monday.

Picture from our road trip to West Virgina
Hello, Monday! We had a great weekend. It was filled to the brim with birthday celebrations for our now 10 year old, choir competition for our oldest and church. It wasn't at all one of those catch up on a little of this and a little of that weekend. So now, I have got to get to the grocery (hubs asked me if I was feeling okay on Saturday night... we are soo-o low on food!) Of course we are low but not that low. Besides, I was thinking in my defense girlie had canned food collection all week last week at school for the food pantry. She nearly wiped us out by the end of the week. Thankful all it takes is a trip to the store for us to re-stock. (really thankful!)


Hershey's Moma


  1. haha, that barn cracks me right up! sounds like a full weekend.....hoping today was successful in the restock. amen to just needing to go to a store!!

  2. Thankful is right! Oh how I can take that for granted.



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