Hello! It's Friday! We had another full week and I can't believe we made it to February without a snow day! I could use a day off. :) Maybe this month- Here are the moments captured on my cell phone this week. A handful of them have been edited through the Iphone app Instagram (amyhersheyskisses) while the rest are straight off of the cell phone.
Big mister and I loaded up on groceries for the weekend last Friday. At the end of our trip 
he wanted to add Angry Birds (board game) to the cart. I'm glad I said yes; all of the kids like it.
I hung the snowflake above my kitchen sink that our 4th grade son made for me.
Had a lazy Saturday morning start with the 2 littles playing on the computer and our 9 year old playing angry birds board game while our oldest slept in and hubs had to work.
Girlie and I washed the kitchen floor together.
Our oldest all dressed up and ready for the winter formal.
The pinning of the boutonniere.
A stop at Shapiro's Deli with everyone eyeing the goodies.
Treadmill running; blah. But as I've increased my miles I've been doing it a bit more.
Pretty view across the water.
Girl Scout cookies came!!
Yummy chicken salad worthy of a picture.
A new top loader washing machine that I'm loving. LOVING.
Looking at that floor sample clearance sofa for my hubs den/office.
Witnessed a parked car getting crashed into by a semi.
Grandma's 88 now. We celebrated with fried chicken dinner out.
I unlocked some smoothie recipes on the Nike Training app. (love that app)
Somebody knocked down the paper heart chain I made. Hmmm.
Big mister got a haircut while sitting in the police car.
Lots of food donations this week at school.
Our 4th grade defense attorney on 'mock' trial.
Big mister couldn't take sitting so quiet any longer at the trial and his (brothers) Ipod ran out of juice; 
I took him home and gave him a cookie.
Inspired to read more (Danielle) I finished a book last night. 

Have a good weekend!!
It's the super bowl here in my home state-

Hershey's Moma


  1. Yay on the top loader!! So glad you like it. :)

    i spy girl scout cookies... I'm REALLY hoping my friend brings me the boxes I ordered tomorrow.

    hope the mock trial went good!!!

    have a great weekend instafriend!

  2. that chicken salad did look toats delish ;) you witnessed some semi smashing a car......did you find yourself with your mouth wide open. CR-AZY! happy weekend to you

  3. That's an impressive collection of photos! I wish I remembered to take that many!

  4. Your grandmother looks AMAZING! Looks like a lovely week...filled with good family time, treats and a new washer! That chicken salad looks of my favs. I will be knee-deep in cookies next month as I am the cookie mom this year and have to pick them up and sort them for our entire troop. They are so yummy...and so worth it. I may have to look for the Angry Birds game...sounds fun. Boo to the accident...but it's good you were there as a witness & that no one was hurt. We had mock trials in our building on Friday...I'm sure your guy did a great job!



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