Yesterday we had friends over. The kids had fun playing and getting to know each other 
while the mommies talked and talked. :) By early afternoon our youngest had played 
until he wrapped himself in a blanket and fell asleep on the couch!!
After they left it was just girlie and I. We were excited to open and try 
the raw honey our friends brought from their bee hive. 
As we twist the cap to open the jar
girlie thinks and says,
this was made from real live bees??!!
We spooned it on our sandwiches.
(girlie thought we might be able to use a knife but quickly found a spoon was easier!)
And enjoyed the best honey I've ever tasted.


Hershey's Moma

100 days of no processed food; the link-


  1. Sweet friends and honey...can't beat that!

  2. Yeah!!!! We had such a lovely time! You are so gracious and the children are wonderful! Thanks for sharing your day with us! Can't wait to do it again!



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