Girlie time.

Girlies boat that didn't float-
 One day last week as I was putting the laundry away I pulled all of girlies 
'heart' shirts to the front of her clothes hanging in her closet.
Valentine's Day will be here soon and I thought maybe you
would want to wear your heart shirts more...
She glances in the closet and doesn't say anything-

By Friday she hadn't worn one;
I pulled the pink one out and brought it to her as she was finished with her bath.
She didn't reject wearing it.
(usually if I suggest she should wear such and such she doesn't; since she was 2!)
Tonight as I went to her room to do what she and I call
'girlie time'
(Bible reading/back scratching time, just the 2 of us; we've done this for I think 2 years now)
she was standing in her closet trying to coordinate her
white sweater with a big red heart on the front of it 
with another 
We dug through the 'Goodwill' box searching for her red turtleneck.
We didn't find it.
We stopped our search as it was 'getting late' and settled on her bed
to start reading the Bible.
We had just finished reading through that Bible last night and 
we had talked about reading through my Bible now;
girlie decided against it-
My Bible doesn't have any pictures after all!

Girlie time.


Hershey's Moma


  1. Girlie time sounds wonderful! She does have a point, books without pictures are kinda boring. ;)

  2. Girlie time...oh how the two of you must treasure that time. I love that you read the Jesus Storybook Bible's a wonderful book. I'm thinking about getting Jesus Calling for Kids. Here's to many more Girlie Times :)



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