10 on 10 :: 10 photos over 10 hours capturing the beauty today
Snuggle boy slept sideways most of the night-
Flurries. Again.
Top 5 is working for me-
Bird watching.
Just got ready for the day.
Self portrait. #febphotoaday (Instagram challenge; amyhersheyskisses)
Laundry while watching flurries.
Puzzle/science lesson.
After school snack.


Hershey's Moma


  1. you know i came back to blogland to check out your 10 on 10 post, friend! a little jealous of that beautiful window while you fold laundry and that you only got flurries. is that eggs for an after school snack? and i'm totally checking out that cinnamon roll cake. have a super weekend!

  2. Wow, really gorgeous photos. Super jealous of your winter weather (no snow in Phoenix) and the cardinals, oh my, so pretty.

  3. Wow, those cardinals are so pretty. We don't have them here in Seattle, but they are gorgeous. Lovely set

  4. I'm so late in getting to your post. So I was thinking that I think it was clicking on one of your 10 on 10 links that first brought me to you...SO glad :) Your Big Mister looks so cozy...there's just something about mom's bed. Yay for Top 5! We had quite a few flurries here too and it was COLD! I think I'm going to have to get on Pinterest just to see that recipe...combining two of Rondell's favorite things. Oh how I love puzzles & eggs & that clock. Happy Monday Sweet friend!

  5. Oh and how vibrant are those cardinals :)

  6. Oh I love the bird watching and the sweet bunny mug. Beautiful set!



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