10 years ago this morning we welcomed our second son at 9:40 a.m. on 
a Sunday morning, three weeks early after I had been on 18 weeks of 
bed rest. I thought we were going to have a first time thumb sucker
but it turned out he wasn't. This 10 years has gone quick!

Year one-

Such a happy boy.
He was a 'by the books' kind of baby.
He played, slept, ate. Played, slept, ate. 
His big brother thought he was boring.
With hubs being an intern the year he was born we didn't mind boring and predictable at all!
His favorite first food was my lasagna.

Year Two-

Was spent being a snuggle boy with Moma, Nana's boy twice a week (while I worked) and 
at a friends house once a week.
He was also in speech therapy once a week.
Ms. Melissa helped him learn how to talk in record fast speed!
He was her best student. ;)
His first movie was Finding Nemo.

Year Three-

What an exciting year!
He wore his Bible Man cape each day and night while loving on his baby
sister as often as he could get his hands on her.
(and spent a fair amount of time house hunting with me!)
A favorite toy this year was his A, B, C's on the fridge.
(leap frog)

Year Four-

As we moved to a new town we decided to keep our oldest home
to home school his 4th grade year.
This proves to be a bonding year for the two of them as they are constant
companions. I bought a picture frame that sums it up perfectly; 'my buddy.'
His first trip to Disney was spent perfectly in the rain with lower than usual crowds and 
his favorite ride was Goofy's Barnstormer.

Year Five-

Big brother, again! This time it's a brother.
He arrived just 6 weeks before school started his
kg. year.
He made his first friends this year and requested a first birthday party with friends.

Year Six-

A mighty fine young man that loves to tell jokes and make us laugh!
Baseball is his favorite activity by far!

Year Seven-

The year his teeth fell out over and over again!
We kept him home for school this year (and the next) allowing for extra time
to do many activities including baseball,
 swimming, hip-hop dance and pottery.

Year Eight-

A part time home schooler this year;
In all of his free time he spends fishing with Papaw, his oldest brother and daddy.
Taking a year off from baseball he discovers soccer is fun but not quite as fun while he loves swim team!
He loves playing his video game time also with Stunt Man Ignition being his favorite.

Year Nine-

A year of firsts.
First go-cart driving, first time to ski, first time in Colorado and Utah, first year to play football,
first time to do long division and
first time to try growing his hair out like his big brother. ;)

And now he is 10.


Hershey's Moma


  1. happy birthday to your second son! he has such a 'growing up' look between his 8 and 9 year old pics.....and now 10! enjoy the day with him, and the weekend too!
    <3 <3 <3

  2. So adorable. Time goes by so quickly. Baffling.
    I am sooooo sorry to hear about your ankle. Be gentle with yourself. If running hurts you, then do not push it. You may want to wrap it for the next few runs. If my ankle starts bothering me again, I may have to find something else to challenge me. I only got this one body for how ever long the Lord lets me tarry...I gotta be kind to it. If you have to walk the mini, it is still a fun time. I've walked it several times. Is your hubby doing it too?

  3. What a great post. Those pictures really show his personality. This was a great way to document your middle son...something to cherish. Happy Birthday.

  4. Happy Birthday to your son! I love all the photos of him! :)



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