10 candles.

Because one year on my sweet second son's birthday,
I forgot a candle.
As I placed the Red Velvet (his choice) cake in front of him and
Daddy started to light the candles
I re-counted.
10 candles.
It's hard to believe.
And this is the never ending birthday!
I guess it should be this is his double digit birthday.
Friday (the day of his birthday) we went to dinner as a family.
Hibachi. His choice.
As we were preparing to leave girlie
looks at me and asks,
why haven't I ever had [hibachi] for my birthday dinner?!
This morning girlie was the first one up.
She came to me all dressed with hair brushed and ready to go
 as I sat and drank my coffee in the same chair I was in when
she fell asleep last night-
Did you stay in that chair all night? She asked.
I didn't.
Is today the fly zone party?
How many more days?
12, I say and smile.
(but I'm not really sure, I just pull that number from my fuzzy, hardly had any coffee yet, morning brain)
Well, that's why I'm up so early... I thought it was today.

The never ending birthday
because he's 10.


Hershey's Moma

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