Do you like my deer meat, mom? I answer without hesitation, I do, I really do. I moved the steaks from the freezer to the fridge this weekend and by Monday night they were ready to go. With it being Martin Luther King day our oldest didn't have football practice so it was just he and I in the kitchen working together to get dinner ready. He fired up the grill (can't believe it's nice enough in January to grill!) using all various sorts of methods to get it to light. He finalized on a short match with a pair of tongs holding it just close enough. He did it A trait I'm learning comes very naturally for our teen. Even more so than when he was three. And in this instance it serves him well. As he was taking care to season the meat just so I was half paying attention as I'm trying to convert metric for this recipe. I've got 4 tabs open on the computer and in the end it is our teen that tells me just how much I need for each item. I'm impressed and I tell him so-
How did he grow from a boy to a young man so quickly? Our firstborn. I'm proud of his ability to hunt. Even more so he can cook what he hunts; with great ability. He is able to convert measurements for a new recipe and enjoy our dinner together as a family carrying the conversation [at times] even. He likes to try new things and help others try new things. He a great instructor.

Venison Steak, Okra, and Tartiflette


Hershey's Moma

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