As I was having a 'hard' time working my camera on
New Year's Eve our oldest quickly took
over and I've just looked at some of the shots he got.
I'm stunned.
The kids came home 'starving' yesterday so I've
put an early dinner in the oven for today-
Easy Chicken Divan Casserole because
that's what today 
calls for.

I've been thinking about my word for 2012 for a few months now.
Last year's word complete was easy to come to grips with.
Complete came more naturally for me;
I had many ideas, projects and places to go and mostly all I had
to do was plan ahead.
This years word, simplify hasn't come so easily for me...

To simplify is taking a lot more work than I thought it would.
I'm giving it a good effort.
Big mister needed a haircut.
I did it.
Simple. Nope. Does it simplify my life?
In the long run, yes.

Easy, peasy as little miss would say...


Hershey's Moma


  1. ...lemon squeezy, as Jamison would add. My word this year is similar to simplify and it is hard because that means letting go. I read a good post about it though here...
    I'm so behind on blogging so I'm catching up on your posts :)

  2. simplify is a great word. looking forward to reading how that word works its way into 2012 for you. I sure loved all your complete posts of 2011!!

  3. I like the new concept of "simplify" and am interested to see how it's meaning is unfolded in your life and application over the next year.

    I cut everyone's hair in our household and I didn't really think of it as simplifying life, but it truly does. Everyone is content with how I cut their hair (at this point), we don't have to make trips to the salon or barber, we don't have to pay for haircuts and leave a huge tip. We don't have to schedule for 5 people to get their hair cut (I'm the only one who goes to get my hair done, simply because Eowyn can't cut my hair yet and Joe doesn't have the confidence to do it).

    So, Kudos to you for simplifying.



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