Girlie's 'big' gift this year was a pottery wheel.  With the exception of our oldest all of the children have taken a few pottery classes. They have always enjoyed them. I wanted to provide that same 'pottery class' atmosphere at home but as I read the online reviews I almost didn't get the pottery wheel. With the kids having used a real pottery wheel I was a little concerned the kid wheel wouldn't even compare-
 So after she opened her 'big' gift I set it aside saying we needed to get batteries for it. (but deep down in my heart I really didn't want her to try it on Christmas day and be disappointed)
 A couple of weeks went by and I finally remembered to buy the batteries this past Friday. Sunday morning we pulled the wheel out of the box. Put in the batteries (that we didn't need because it runs on electricity!) and let miss do her creating.
 It took a little bit of time working with the clay to get the feeling down. In no time she was able to work the wheel and make her pottery into the shape she wanted.
 I don't think she even thought about the fact that this was a 'kid wheel'.
 Next up was patiently waiting big brother. She graciously shared her new toy and he quickly made a little pottery bowl.
 I noticed his technique was very different than girlies.
Their pots are drying in the sun for another day and then they'll finish their work with painting them.


Hershey's Moma


  1. how fun! i LOVE pottery and have taken a couple classes myself. where did you find that neat-o kids wheel? happy monday sweet bloggy friend! <3 <3 <3

  2. I found it online. I just googled kids pottery wheel... :) There are quite a few options. I settled on the one at

  3. What a fun gift. I have seen this given as a gift in a few other places too. I took pottery in HS and loved it. I hope it brings them lots of fun memories.

  4. What an amazing gift. I can't wait to see some finished products.



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