Last night. Girlie was suppose to be in bed. She came out and joined me on the couch (in my newly rearranged great room!) while I had my lap top open on my lap. She grabbed my phone off of the ottoman and started playing the parachute game. She glances my way and asks, "are you writing a post?" "Well, what's a post?" I ask. "It's something you look up on the internet." "No." I say with a smile. "Then it's something you like and you make it into a video... so what is it, Moma? Something that you like?" "A post is something that I like... It's something that I want to remember and it sometimes is a post about you!!" I answer. She takes her eyes off of her game and smiles big. I push her bangs away from her eyes and tuck them behind her ear.

Earlier at bed time when I opened the 'brown Bible' to read to girlie the opening sentence from the Bible story asks, do you know what your name means? "Light, girlie asks, but I don't know what the other part of my name means." "Wished for child is one meaning," I tell her. She likes that meaning I can see in her eyes and almost immediately she says, "just like I wish for a sister." She is just like me wishing for a sister. A girl growing with 3 brothers longing for a sister-

But oh, the adventures she has.
She spent all day yesterday playing outside.
At one point she was sliding down the back hill on her belly with her youngest
brother beside her.
They weren't using any sleds.
They stayed out until the rain started to come and once
they came in they were soaked from head to toe.
2 cups of hot cocoa followed for each of them.
A hot bath for the big mister and girlie snuggled warm inside new clothes and a blanket-
I let girlie go on back to bed last night
with my phone in hand.
She knows how to play the songs
and she lay listening to 
She knows all the words by heart.

...God you are higher than any other... Our God is healer awesome in power our God, our God...

After hearing those words in the song she asks,
"Does higher than any other mean he is higher than the clouds, the stars, higher than the moon?" 
"Or even any of the galaxies," big mister adds.

That's a hard one to explain.
"Yes, God is higher than all of that and more." I say knowing in my heart
God and His ways are such a mystery.

"Do you think you can explain the mystery of God? Do you think you can diagram God Almighty? God is far higher than you can imagine, far deeper than you can comprehend, Stretching farther than earth's horizons, far wider than the endless ocean... 



Hershey's Moma


  1. And this post is one of the many reasons why I love that you post!

  2. just got done reading through job and i love when God responds to all the 'wisdom' of man and man's limited perspective!! sweet times with your little girl. any chance her desire will be fulfilled? ;) adventures with 3 brothers FOR. SURE!



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