My boy.

He came to find me last night after I had already tucked him in. The boy with Christmas jammy bottoms on paired with a flannel button down top. He requested to do all of the buttons himself except for the tippy top one. It took him quite awhile...
Moma, what are you doin watching t.v.? I'm lounging in the office with the t.v. turned on to nothing really.  I turn it off and ask if he wants me to walk him back to bed. Yes, and will you lay with me ?? "I will but not for very long, Moma's tired." I look at my phone. 9 p.m. and I'm spent. He takes my hand as we start down the stairs. "You're my boy..." I'm your tired, sick boy. "Sick boy??" I ask with laughter in my voice. I have 3 boo-boo's now... Oh? And the hiccups. He did...
I lay with him after we brush the crumbs away from his bed time snack. I remind him he should really eat crumbly snacks at the bar. I lay listening to our oldest on the phone in the room on the other side of the wall. Our middle son is sound asleep above me and in no time our youngest falls sound asleep hugging his blue bear we bought last year for Valentines. (his bear) It's 10:40 before I wake and head to my bed. He sleeps soundly until morning:
Rain today makes yesterday's sunrise all the more glorious.


Hershey's Moma


  1. oh for those snuggly times that don't last forever! love his pjs :) and we've got SNOW here today. and lots of it. happy tuesday, amy!

  2. We brush crumby bed time snacks off sheets too! I lay with mine as well. precious times, so fleeting.



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