Oh this week went so fast. As my alarm went off this morning at 6 a.m. I had to tell myself 3 times it really was Friday. So, here we go looking over my week again using nothing buy my cell phone pictures. This week all but 2 have been edited using the Iphone app Instagram. (amyhersheyskisses) It's been fun adding new friends each week on Instagram!
Hair done on Friday with a tiny bit of a trim and a few Highlights.
A beautiful reflection in the water #right outside my bedroom window.
The spelling bee for our 4th grader. (he went out on the word current; spelling it with one r.)
A broken washing machine (again) for me; I did 14 loads (a personal record) at the laun-dro-mat on Monday. (it was creep me out Monday and I got in and out quick drying the loads at home/mom's!)
(I have a new machine coming tomorrow!!! NOT a front loader. I don't think I'll ever have one again.)
Gave my mom 1,000 gifts to read for her trip to Seattle. She got 1/2 way through it. (that's further than I have.)
Date night with my hubs at our 'new to us' favorite location.
Flower ordering for our Freshman's Winter Formal.
Yes, another arrangement of the furniture for me in the Great Room. Maybe I'll leave it for more than a week. Maybe not. (a week will be this Sunday.)
And finally, I had a whole entire week of sharing my bed with a little one. (not always the same one; our oldest was the only one who didn't wake me sick in the middle of the night this week.)

Hello, weekend. :)


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  1. I love the overview...and the cute hair :) I hope you get your new machine pronto...though that does remind me that I need to wash comforters. How fun that you and your honey had a date :) Hopefully everyone is on the mend and ready for the weekend!

  2. Your hair looks so beautiful! My husband would be thrilled if I were that blonde! Alas, my tresses remain stubbornly dark. ;) Over from Life Rearranged :)

  3. Your hair looks great! I hope everyone is healthy for the weekend. There's nothing wrong with rearranging a room.

  4. date night!! yay :) toats adorbs hair and i love the new great room you move all that big stuff yourself?!

  5. your pix are great. the reflection photo is so lovely. i've had 100o gifts forever, i think i'm to chapter 8. it's a good book to chew on here and there, to remind me to praise. happy weekending!

  6. I love the flowers! :)
    Have you used the 1000 Gifts app?



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