It's Friday!! Here's a look back at our week through nothing but cell phone pictures. Most all of these are unedited and taken straight from my cell phone while a couple are from the app instagram (amyhersheyskisses) or the app pic collage.  Enjoy!
An impromptu Friday night family dinner at Ted's with big mister attending in his jammie top.
The 3 boys trying to do a tripple piggy back ride as we are leaving church.
Lunch at Bucca's. (hubs choice)
First birthday party for baby Blaize with cousin little miss feeling all grown-up holding him.
A stop at Build-a-Bear Monday morning before Kg. drop off.
Miss asked me if I'd like to try her new pottery wheel. Of course!
Playing SORRY at school with miss while she was also celebrating her half birthday.
Sleeping with big mister. 
LOVE organized spaces and the garage hall hadn't been organized since October. 
Winter formal shopping with our oldest. He's excited. 
The wal-mart re-stock trip.
My favorite Amish Pumpkin Bread made on a cold/snowy day.
Gorgeous sunrises this week.
Snow came yesterday and big mister could hardly wait until we had enough to snowboard in.
Dinner out with my hubs with me asking what color the chairs were painted.
(I want that color on my kitchen chairs!)
And lastly, me as a baby. I had fun sorting through all of my childhood pictures this week.

Hope you had a good week!
We are expecting snow throughout the weekend.
The kids are going to love it and no school on Monday!!


Hershey's Moma


  1. Great week. I love the one of you as baby and the pumpkin bread looks yummy!

  2. Your oldest has the same haircut as my 15 year old. Don't they grow up so fast?

  3. I love your weekly captures. That picture of you is WONDERFUL. Look at those cheeks :)



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