first time
his natural stance was a slight sitting position
Our oldest and our youngest. 10 years apart-
Last week as we were on Christmas break in Michigan, 4 year old big mister decided about half way through the week he indeed wanted to ski! I've always thought not to push the issue and when they are ready, they'll be ready. It's much like riding a bike. It takes a little bit of balance and a lot of self confidence. So early one morning he woke with his mind made up, today he was all about it! I took him to the ski lodge. He walked in very tall with a grin asking for his ski's. We pulled off his snow boots peeking inside to see just what size shoe he wore. The first ski boots that we tried fit just right. (as far as we could tell) Big mister excitedly hurried to the ski counter. Once he had his skis he wanted them on and sat in a heap on the floor in the lobby as I explained to him he would need ski school to learn how to ski. He cried big tears and made me promise he wouldn't have to do ski school. I brought him and his skis home without signing him up for ski school. Instead, big brother helped him 'learn' how to ski right outside of our condo. He was so excited!
First we let him ski on flat snow then after a few times our oldest carried him about 1/4th of the way up a side skiing hill. Big Mister loved it and kept asking to do it again and again! He had great balance and never fell down. In the end I thought I had been shooting video of his first time. Instead I was just snapping pictures. I wish I could hear his squeal of delight-  Kisses,  Hershey's Moma {amy}


  1. what a memory. that is completely precious!

  2. I love that photo! I can just imagine his sweet.



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