After school snowflakes.

Yesterday was the first day of the week our 9 year old 4th grader made it to school.
2 days home with moma trying to get over a slightly scratchy throat and a slight fever-
He climbed excitedly out of the car and headed to the drive as I stayed behind a minute
unbuckling the big mister. It was then as I looked up and out the back window 
of the car that I saw our 9 year old with his head flung back, 
mouth wide open trying to catch snowflakes.
I saw him catch a few as I stood there holding the big mister sound asleep on my shoulder.
After I put mister to bed 
I ran upstairs grabbing my camera and went out the front door.
Our 9 year old was still catching snow flakes, walking backwards with his head fully back until he lost his balance with the weight of his backpack and fell. 
He couldn't get back up.
He was being held down by the backpack.
He and I laughed and laughed. Once I finished laughing I asked if he needed help up!
He did.

The snowflakes were gone as quickly as they came as they turned instead to rain...


Hershey's Moma


  1. The innocence of a child is priceless...appreciating simple snowflakes. I had to giggle about the backpack...glad he's OK...just a little weighed down.

  2. Kids have a way of making us appreciate the little things. I hope he enjoyed his snowflakes.



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