10 on 10

Happy 10th!! Here is a look at the beauty I captured around me today. (mostly with my cell phone!)
Thanks to my friend, Kelli for the reminder!!
9 ish
Sizzle; the beginnings of a Denver Omelet!
10 ish
Bring your 'Teddy' to Kindergarten day;
Girlie spent a fair amount of time getting 'Kitty-Bear' ready.
(I lost my patience a bit and apologized later...)

11 ish

12 ish
Husband home for lunch.
Near 1 o'clock
A screen picture of a recipe (on instagram) I want to try real soon. 
Hopefully tomorrow morning soon!

Went to girlies Kindergarten class to play board games at the end of the school day.
Made this photo collage of my childhood as I waited in the school dismissal car line...
Shows that I'm a second born in a family of 3 boys and a girl, I LOVED rocking my doll babies and singing to them, I've had the same BFF since I was 7, (she's in the white dress) I'm naturally a brunette, (my senior prom picture proves it and I totally thought of you Danielle as I saw that picture)
lastly, the person I miss the most from my childhood is my Gpa.
(posted it on instagram for the January photo a day challenge)
Home to Nana's to pick up the Big Mister.
 5 ish
Girlie bringing her Moma the mail, all proud.

Nearly 6
Taking a picture of the t.v. as the local news was airing a feature our oldest
sons football team was in...


Hershey's Moma


  1. Great shots!! looks like an awesome day!


  2. Fun set! I love the Sorry game shot and the mail shot. And I'm so intrigued by the person whose screen name is "coopbuilder." I'm thinking this is someone I need to know. :)

  3. We love to play SORRY at our house!
    I love that style of a house...my mind is blank right now with what it's called?!

  4. love that sweet photo collage (how efficient of you in the pick up line!) is that a recipe for muffins? :)

  5. That is so sweet you still have your friend from childhood. A wonderful thing.
    I think we were both blondes as young girls. That's why I wasn't sure if you were a natural blonde now or not. Hahahah!

    Will you stay blonde for ever or try brown again? I'm thinking of going dark again. MMmm....

  6. Sounds like a fun day! Sorry is one of my favorite board games!

  7. I'm so excited that you were able to participate. And in such a simple way!!! I love that collage (and that you've had the same BFF since you were 7!). Can I have an omelet?



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