An early start on dinner this afternoon with Hershey right by my side waiting for a potato to fall.
Silly dog. 
 It turned out delish. Really, I was making the new recipe as a trial one for the one I lost
 from years ago.
(still sad I can't find my old one) 
I think this one is just as good. But I don't think it's better-
 Right after school it was, hurry and eat, change into festive clothes and let's go!!
(with a mom I can't wear that top under my sweater, it's a pajama top!!)
It was the 4th Grade Christmas Performance. 
It was great!
Our middle son is not our 'informer'. 
Time and time again we show up to his functions and there he is with a part in the show 
we didn't know anything about!
Tonight was no different.
He had a part in the performance and surprised us again.
We had a tiny bit of warning as we sat in our seats and his name was listed with just a few
other students. He was a 'singer'.
It was a cute performance!


Hershey's Moma


  1. Looks yummy but I think this is it:


  2. that potato dish looks delish. isn't it fun to watch our kiddos perform?



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