Our Sunday.

It really wasn't at all how I 'dreamt' it up to be. By yesterday mid afternoon I had asked my husband if we could cancel my little birthday get together; just our family joining Nana and Papaw for dinner. I was just really expecting [and hoping for] a lazy Sunday afternoon with no plans at all... While I was attending the choir concert for our oldest last night I received the 'reminder' text that little miss had a birthday party to attend this afternoon...
Off to church first thing this morning and we sat in 'Sanctuary'. Although my husband has been many times before it was my first time to attend that service. He leans into me right after we sit down and does the loud whisper, "it's real traditional, you're gonna love it!"
Miss sprawled out on the floor at my feet and went to work drawing as we listened to the message.
As we were told to open our Bibles she was sure to perk her head up and make 
sure we each were doing as we were instructed.
Half way through the teaching she nicely placed her interpretation of the message
on my Bible that was laying open in my lap-
I'll have her sign it and then I'll date it hoping to keep it forever...
We ate a quick lunch, hurried home and then out the door again for the party.
Once we were 'home sweet home' our 9 year old reminded me I had promised to make
enough puppy chow to feed his 4th grade class tomorrow for a party.

Enough for the class and one sweet box for his teacher to have all to herself.
Not at all how I thought we would spend today but I really do feel refreshed and ready for the week even if I didn't spend this afternoon with no plans at all-


Hershey's Moma


  1. I love that picture...she absolutely captured the scene :) How sweet of you to spoil the teacher like that.



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