Mother's love.

-my mom really knows how to buy thoughtful gifts; today our teen acknowledged that as he said, "whatever Nana gets me I'll like. I always do, she knows how to buy good gifts." (she also makes good gifts)

When I was a girl and would wake in the middle of the night I remember my mom making a cup of warm tea for me. I didn't wake that often but I do remember the sitting on the couch with my mom curled in a blanket sipping on warm tea. Falling asleep would come more easily then-
The first year after I moved out my mom gave this Mrs. Potts ornament to me. "There is nothing as warming as Mother's love" it reads. For a long while I would keep that ornament out all year long. Then a little over 6 years ago when our daughter started to like many of the items I loved and would display her love for those things through touching them (a lot) I decided to put that ornament away-
Our daughter has grown now. She has really grasped what it means to respect others things. (thank you kindergarten!!) I hope to be able to display this ornament again throughout the year...
And one day I hope our daughter will cherish that ornament as much as I do.


Hershey's Moma


  1. Thoughtful is my love language and my mother is the same way...always the perfect gift! I can see why that ornament would be such a treasure to you.

  2. I love this post and I love little girls who grow up and begin to gently love the same things that their mamas love. :)



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