Jesus' Birthday Candles.

"Jesus" hand written by little miss.
Before we knew it
the candles
were blown out-
Little miss and I were
shopping a little over a week before 
Christmas when 
she spotted the candles-
I was quickly loading two 32 oz. containers 
of coconut milk into the cart.
Out of the corner of my eye I saw little miss
stop in her tracks for all the colors she saw.
Moma, they're beautiful. Can I get them for my birthday??
With her birthday being 6 months away I told her no, she could wait.
As I turned the cart to walk towards the milk and eggs
I stopped in my tracks and reminded her 
it was Jesus' birthday party next...
We loaded them into the cart.
It seemed then that His birthday party would be 
6 months away.
And then the candles were lit;

 Christmas was over.


Hershey's Moma

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