Taking a look at my week with nothing but the cell phone pictures;
I'm amyhersheyskisses on the Iphone app Instagram and I'm still loving it!! So fun to see some of you there and follow along with your weeks as they unfold-

Here we go in no particular order:
The decorating.
The eating.
The loving.
The enjoying.
With a seemingly over abundance of laundering this week too-

Have a good Friday.
We have Nana and Papaw's Christmas tomorrow so today
I'll be wrapping and cooking. (a tiny bit of each)


Hershey's Moma


  1. that snowman cup is too cute and i love how you did the pic of your hubby! oh, the laundry.....the endless, endless beast! happy friday and happy celebrating tomorrow <3

  2. The tortilla chip snack looks like something my girls would like. I struggle with keeping lunch/snack interesting. I love the photo of your hubby. So sweet. I was just complaining to my hamper. I don't understand how it's always full. I do a load everyday and it doesn't seem to matter. Did your oldest survive his exams?

  3. Those moments are all so great. I love that Christmas village...I want to start a collection myself. The heart over your husband is just too sweet :) Have fun tomorrow...what goodies are you making.

  4. every time I THINK I've tackled the laundry... at least 3 more piles magically appear!
    love all the insta-loveliness! :o)

  5. Kelli, I'm making 7 Layer Salad (I make mine without the cauliflower) and Mini Cinnamon Roll Cookies... :) I haven't started yet- First I had to give the kitchen a good scrub down.
    And Angee, YES! Our oldest survived his finals. :)) Christmas break has begun-

  6. Love the heart pictures and the Christmas tree. Great pictures. Hope you had a fun day celebrating Christmas today!!



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