A look back at my week while using only cell phone pictures. This week also includes a few cell phone pictures I edited through Instagram for my first time. I'm in love with Instagram!! I'm amyhersheyskisses on Instagram. Do you do Instagram??

This past week:
Loved our long weekend.
Our oldest got his first deer. (so did my husband)
Middle son volunteered to make pancakes one night for bed time snack.
Girlie and I made our first batch of rolled out sugar cookies for the season.
Big flakes falling. (a few stuck!) 
A birthday treat to myself.
(I was alone and didn't have to share!!) 
A cold statue. 
(our middle son said, "hey do you think that guy's cold??!)
Hair cut for girlie with her first wash in the bowl; peppermint shampoo with a blue raspberry sucker.
Dinner mess; created by me, swept up by 4 year old big helper!
Girlie back out of bed at 10:15 to study her words.
 (just like her daddy; continuing to study even after she clearly knows it)
Pizza place with dough balls for each child to shape.
Nana's Christmas mantel. Bea-u-ti-ful!
Girlie complained the. whole. Wal-mart. trip.  Then at the very end at the check out she smiled.
A face in my morning coffee. 
Spilled milk. I did it. I cleaned it.
Greenery cut in the freezing 29 degree morning. 
(sometimes I have good ideas like that)

It's Friday!!
(this week took forever...)


Hershey's Moma


  1. Great pictures!! Just followed you on instagram. Thanks for reminding me about it. :) Have only taken a few pictures and at that time no one that I knew was on. Just might have to use it more often!!

  2. Yeah!! I was hoping you would be on instagram!!! I'm behind behind on my emails... I saw yours the other day and can't wait to respond to it soon- :)

  3. Such great things going on with your little (and not so little) ones :) Oooh pizza. That mantel is just beautiful. I can't wait to make our house cozy for the season. Stay warm :)

  4. Yay for the first sugar cookies of the season! : )

  5. a blue sucker during a haircut--i may have to try that next time.....looks more enjoyable that way ;)

  6. I think I'd love instagram too - maybe someday...we're still in the dark ages with really 'dumb' mobile phones for now... :)

    looks like a busy week!



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