This hen completely thinks our backyard is her home. 
She struts across the yard like it's nobodies business.
Right over to the bird seed she goes eating happily.
Hershey barks incessantly [from inside] until she leaves and she doesn't even care-
She's been doing this for a few weeks now.
Mostly in the morning we see her coming out of the side woods and across her
worn path now straight to the bird seed.
Then when she grows tired of our backyard she
finds her way down to Nana and Papaw's back yard.
Nana says she's getting seed at their neighbors' house too.
The kids have no idea it's not 'normal' to see the wildlife like they do 
most every day in our
But recently when I yelled,
that was a new one.
And did you know fox eat birds??
I didn't.
Until I saw a fox creeping creeping creeping and then pounce on one.
  I understand the idiom 'sly as a fox' now-
Wish I could see his face.
And just for fun, 
the kids-
10, 5, 2, 6 months
OH, how quickly time goes.
It just seems like yesterday I was at the Children's Museum with a baby at Christmas
enjoying the Yule Slide with the older ones and realizing I forgot to pack a diaper...


Hershey's Moma

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  1. i'm SO enjoying these look back in time Christmas pics of yours! sly fox indeed.....yikes!



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