Friday before Christmas. (2011)

A day of getting ready.

Christmas Eve is my [big] meal to cook.
I made my [mental] list of items for the grocery; it's
Super Target today-
Little miss is my shopping companion and while I'm loading myself into the car 
placing my down coat onto the empty seat beside me I ask,
Do you have your coat, it's cold out today?
We quietly head to the store and I think to myself
I sure could use another cup of coffee.
I'm thankful the Target has a Starbucks right inside and
it doesn't take much for me to convince
miss we need to wait in line
for a beverage.
She decides she would like a hot cocoa with whip cream 
and chocolate shavings on top.
Quickly she grows bored waiting 3 people deep 
and only
one barista running the cash and the coffee.
She eyes the grapefruit.
She wanders over, lifts one high above her head and
smiles big for my approval.
I nod with approval and she disappears to the other
side of the fruit stand.
I can't see her for what feels like 30 seconds but I'm sure 
it's only 2-
I get out of line to peek at her.
She is on her tip toes pulling down a bag to twist tie 
her grapefruit in.
My face must show her worry because she smiles big and reassures me.
I smile back.
I decide a coffe really isn't that important 
and go through the store loading up the cart.
Miss [mostly] pushes the cart while I find just what I need.
She adds a thing or two;
a new ornament for big mister she knows he wants.
(it's darth vader and I had told him on a previous shopping trip, no.)
We finish in just under and hour.
The check out lines aren't as long 
as I expect them
to be.
I pull a coke zero from the mini fridge as I unload my groceries onto the belt.
The groceries are bagged and loaded onto my cart when 
I realize I left my wallet at home...

No worries.
The manager came and assured me they would keep my 
cart in the walk in fridge until I returned.
I returned.
My cart wasn't in the fridge.
I found the manager.
She said, "they couldn't continue to use the space
 in the fridge and they were
running low on carts... they really weren't sure I was going to return..."
Miss and I (re) shopped.
As we were walking through the parking lot
to our car with our cart full of groceries
miss says states,
why would we not come back for our groceries...
it's 2 days before Christmas!!

Thankful to have our groceries.
And glad I wasn't waiting until just a few hours before I had to cook the 
meal to head to the store.


Hershey's Moma

P.S. Have you read Christmas Jars;
After I realized I left my wallet at home I was looking in the bottom of my cart for a jar.

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  1. Wallets should have an alarm that goes off when they are not in your purse. I'm glad everything worked out and you got your groceries. Merry Christmas! I hope you have a blessed day!



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