I purposed to take our middle son to lunch at least once a month this school year-
Steak-n-Shake is just around the corner.
If we sit at the bar on the spinning stools we usually can get in and out in 
just under 30 minutes.
Little big mister eats with us.
He complained this last week as we headed for the stools.
I don't want to sit on the spinning stools... I want a booth.
Our nine year old turned on his sweetest voice and answered our 4 year old,
the stools are really fun you get to watch the guys make the hamburgers...
He climbed right up on my lap and didn't sit on his stool so I moved our coats
to the empty spot.
We order.
It's the same every time;
chicken fingers with fries
cheese sauce and ranch for dipping
with a jr. banana milkshake for the 9 year old-
corn dog nuggets and fries
cheese sauce for dipping
and a jr. vanilla milkshake for the 4 year old-
Patty melt with a side of chili and an [un] sweet Iced Tea.
We talk about the weather.
Is snow coming. When?
We talk about the school work.
Our 9 year old has 1/2 of a math test to finish during recess
so we scoop the last bit of our food into to go boxes to finish
in the car-
And I find when it's time to go I've only eaten my chili.
I sign our middle son back in at the school office.
Smile and tell him I'll see him soon.
He smiles back.
I hope you do well on your math test...
Half way home big mister says an
I'm sorry, moma
from the back seat;
I spilled cheese sauce on your favorite magazine.
(it's the magazine he grabbed just as we were leaving the house, he was
so proud of himself as he carried it all the way to the car exclaiming he was
bringing my favorite magazine for me to read!)
I look over my shoulder and I'm actually glad the cheese landed on the magazine
for it will be much easier clean up-
And it was.


Hershey's Moma

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  1. You're such a great mama. I love how you detail each little & precious moment. I love that you take the time to show your kids love. I love that cheese was ordered for fav!



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