"Cookie monster sure likes cookies but they're not very healthy... he should try eating carrots first!" -big mister
The day before Christmas I made
my annual stop at the bakery.
Little miss went with me this year.
We arrived just as everyone else did and had
to stand in a line about 8 people deep.
Miss was looking around the bakery looking
at all of the beautifully decorated
baked goods.
When she stopped in front of the sugar cookies 
she blurts out,
"Santa's not real!"
then she looks at me sheepishly and asks,
"is he?"
I bent over and quietly said,
"That's something we need to discuss in the car..."
"Then he isn't real!!" she exclaimed.
As I whispered I told her,
"That's something you need to keep to yourself for now."
A few moments longer and a friend of ours came into the bakery.
He walked over to us, greeted us and little miss looks him
in the eye and says,
"I just found out Santa isn't real!"
I looked at our friend and said,
"She just asked me in line... I asked her to keep it to herself..."
"Well she didn't keep that secret very long," he said.

Big mister ate the last cookie on Christmas day.
He didn't eat any carrots before he had it-


Hershey's Moma 


  1. someone definitely needs to inform cookie monster ;) lol. love these stories!

  2. What prompted this revelation? I can just picture it...sniff.

  3. Oh my goodness! Out of the mouth of babes, I guess. :-)



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