Christmas Card Photo Session 2011

Well, I've waited and waited for the sun to shine, on a weekend, so we could do a Family Christmas picture. Last Saturday the sun was shining but I just wasn't feeling it. Finals were coming for our oldest and we just needed to get that stress off of our shoulders-

Today it was. As soon as we came home from church it was time for me to moved the couch and get everyone ready... Who wants to ride the couch. The 2 littles did as I slid it to the side of the window and in front of the Christmas tree.
I messed around with different settings and so forth with my camera while big mister played Mobigo. (he got a new game yesterday at Nana's and Papaw's.
Our oldest joined him and texted away.
(his phone has been put away for a whole week and he had messages to tend to!!)
(we put the phone in 'time out' for finals week)
Miss played with her Baby Alive.
(oh my, that baby is a part of our family now- I'm going to have to make her some clothes because she takes her everywhere; without any pants on and with a homemade diaper that girlie made out of tissue and scotch tape...)
Everyone in your positions.
(said very calmly)
Put your best Christmas morning smile on...
I need to move the books up a shelf...
And I need to get rid of some of the glass.
(it looks too busy)
Then, the timer was set, I ran for my spot, big mister jumps beside me and-
we have an outtake. 
Oh, we tweeked and changed from our best Christmas smile to a plain
o'le smile...

Hopefully, we have a Christmas card.
(if I get them printed and to the mailman today)
Realistically, we have a New Year's card...


Hershey's Moma


  1. Turned out very well. I love all of the candid shots too. I want to send you a card.

  2. Just lovely!! :)

    We've done New Year Greetings a time or two as well.

    You know, our first year of marriage I sent out Valentines Day Cards!?

  3. I love the candid shots that show you pulling together the final picture. It turned out just beautifully. :)



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