Christmas at Nana and Papaw's 2011

 We arrived just before lunch. My 7 Layer Pea Salad in hand. The kids were extremely anxious to eat and move on to the present opening! After they asked and asked, when do we get to open presents...
I decided to occupy their time before lunch with book reading and a little bit of IPhone time. It worked. (kinda)
Little miss wrapped the presents this year (oh so nicely), tucked them into her bag for the transporting, and placed them under the tree-
 After we ate we all headed downstairs to open gifts around the Christmas tree.
 First, we had to do the annual picture taking-
 My brother, his wife and baby Blaize who will be one year old in January!!
 My husband with my youngest brother.
 Gigi and Tom 
And then the gift giving began...
Some of the favorites-
 A much needed present for Papaw.
 Perfect Guitar teaching CD for our electric guitar boy who has already broken a string or two in just a few short weeks on his guitar-
 A kindle for the book loving boy-
 Baby Alive; who was out of diapers about and hour after she was opened.
(she is tucked into her cradle right next to little miss tonight and was very well taken care of all day!)
 Hot Wheels race track!! He never grows tired of those. 
 The party finished upstairs.
What a fun day!!


Hershey's Moma


  1. That looks like a wonderful gathering. I love the pic of the cousins under the tree as well as your sweet girl's face with her gift. Oooh...a mom would be jealous!



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