3 days to Christmas

Can you believe that??
As we sat down to eat lunch yesterday
the placemat at the restaurant read
"Naughty or Nice".
I read it aloud to 6 year old Miss.
She said she was on each list this year...
A very good way of looking at it.
We just brought out the tiny, tiny Christmas tree. 
It has been in our family since my husband was a boy.
Each year that we've had a baby it has belonged in the nursery-
Last year was 'officially' the last year for the nursery...
I wasn't going to bring it out this year however,
Miss just remembered we had it put away and she really wanted it brought out.
To the kitchen we decided right in the middle of the gingerbread houses.
Today is spent with 3 days to Christmas excitement!!
The Christmas cards have to yet to be printed off,
A grocery list needs to be made,
A Christmas Eve gift for the 4 year old mister needs to be bought,
(how did I forget that one?!?)
And I really want to spend one last day crafting tomorrow
 so to 
Hobby Lobby
 I shall

Wish me good travels and short lines...


Hershey's Moma

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