10 on 10 {December 2011}

Capturing the beauty in today-
7:45 Coaxing

 8:45 Snuggling

9:45 Daydreaming
10:45 Changing

11:45 Teaching

12:45 Snacking

1:45 Eating

2:45 Hanging

3:45 Sharing

4:45 Studying

 The real life going on behind the beauty-
Coaxing the dog into the house after he darted when I opened the front door to go inside.
(complete with a call from the neighbor to let me know he was 'loose')
Snuggling after his morning bath.
(could also be interpreted; I'm refusing to get dressed)
Daydreaming exactly where the Christmas tree would look best while wondering
just how much longer I should let my teen sleep in.
Changing the countdown to Christmas and having to [re] count because we forgot to 
change it yesterday. [and the day before that]
Teaching the children how to love, forgive, and love again.
Snacking on Ice Cream for the second time of the day-
"Please don't lick the lid to the ice cream container." 
"Because your tongue has bacteria that will grow on the lid and contaminate the ice cream."
Eating the leftover spinach dip for my lunch that Nana (my mom) sent home with me yesterday.
(it was my pre dinner snack and late night snack yesterday too)
Hanging the enormous snowflakes our 9 year old 'taught' me how to do.
Sharing a late lunch of noodles with his Daddy.
(there wasn't enough and I made more)
Studying for Freshman finals this week...
(since he is my tree putter together[er] I'm betting we get to 
the basement tree next weekend)

Hope you had a great Saturday!!


Hershey's Moma


  1. What a lovely day. I had to laugh because we have forgotten to change the days too and have to recount. That spinach dip looks really sweet of your mom :) I'm sure you'll get your tree up in no time. Hope your big guy does well on his finals. Happy Saturday sweet friend.

  2. Your spinach dip looks very yummy. We made snowflakes today too, but yours look much better. Happy ten!

  3. Great photos, those snowflakes look amazing.

  4. What a fantastic set if 10! I love the real story behind the photos.

  5. I love those snowflakes and I wish a good little elf would come hang them up all over my living room! :)



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