Yummy day.

Last Wednesday was Native American Day.
The feather never made it to school...

I'm over it now and know I am because I can talk about it... I spent 20 minutes making that feather because girlie wanted a feather in her headdress just like those Indians. Then it didn't feel right so out it came. To make sure moma wasn't going to ask her to wear that itchy thing again (when moma wasn't looking) she ripped it up. Right there on the freshly vacuumed floors...

She made up for it later that day when she was eating her dinner-

"I know you've made this dinner before but it's never tasted better than this!!"
(grilled ham and cheese)


Hershey's Moma


  1. I think you just gave me my dinner plan for the night.....hopefully I'll get the same response!! lol



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