This weekend.

Yesterday morning I picked up the house getting an early start on the weekend. 
I don't usually do that-

Our calendar is completely empty this weekend too.
That hasn't been the case in at least the past 6 months...

I made big plans to finish The Help that I started reading earlier this week.

I packed up the car for the mid-morning kg. drop off. 
Picked up our oldest to take to the Orthopedic Surgeon...
We are almost on a first name basis, that surgeon and I, but definitely comfortable enough with each other that we stood and talked long enough to know we are each going to be in 
Disney with our families at the same time.
The orthopedic surgeon jokingly said as we walked out of his office with our oldest sons pinky in a splint for a month to heal the tendons correctly- 
(it also has a funny looking white line on the x-ray a top his knuckle) 
"Well, just think of it this way. You'll have your own personal ortho doc in Disney with you..."

Not even an hour later I fell off the side of a curb in the school parking lot while carrying our 4 year old.
He is okay,
I'm on crutches and can't put any weight on my right ankle.
(I also have some road rash)
I'll be getting an x-ray soon.
Our 4 year old said,
"I just held on real tight and didn't look."

So our oldest did the pancake thing this morning-
 And while he stood doing the mixing, cooking and the flipping our 
2 littles sat at the kitchen table coloring a picture for me.
practicing getting her 5's going the right direction
 I think they are the most beautiful pictures I've ever seen.
The pancakes.
The pancakes,
the most scrumptious I've ever tasted.

And as my mom helped around the house yesterday afternoon she said,
mighty fine way to be able to stay off your feet all weekend so you can finish The Help!
(I was in so much pain last night I couldn't even stand reading.)
Today, I'm feeling good enough to read.
I've already gotten through a few chapters.

I hope hope hope to be walking in a week.


Hershey's Moma

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  1. I cannot believe this happened. I am so, so sorry. It is wonderful you have loving children that are capable and sweet. You are such a good mom!



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