Some sweets.

 After I dropped our oldest off to have lunch with some friends I had a tiny bit of time to spare on Sunday afternoon so I found myself wondering what to do... I had little miss with me. We had a bucket of darks to wash at the laundry mat while we were out and about 3 1/2 hours to spare. Instead of choosing to run errands that I needed to do we went into the make up store. (ulta; do you have one?) I let little miss try on some blush. Of course she picked the brightest 'clown' pink there was. Once she had it on she immediately grabbed for the tissue to wipe it off... picking a new bubble bath scent was more what she had in mind. And it should be like that. ;) She sniffed and sniffed until she settled on mint chocolate chip just like her favorite milkshake-
We left the store in the pouring rain and only had my tiny umbrella to share.
(hers is broken) She decided about 1/2 way to our long walk to the car she needed to hold the umbrella. Of course I could barely fit under it and my back was getting drenched. I walked closer to the stores trying to stay protected by the little overhang until I had to cross the street- 
2005; 8, 3 and 6 months.

We went to the closest laundry mat, carried in our bucket and did the wash. 
Little miss had remembered to bring her coins for the candy machine.
She picked a 3 musketeers. When we pressed on the buttons 2 fell out and an extra bag of plain m-n-m's.
I offered the extra candy bar to a little boy very close to little miss's age.
His mom said he could have it and he grinned bigger than a Christmas morning grin.
Sweet little guy. 
Little miss just finished that little bag of m-n-m's today in the car on her way to kindergarten.
Before bed Sunday night little miss asks as she is finding herself hungry for a can of pringles,
mom why don't you buy pringles very often?
Without really even thinking I say,
pringles aren't very healthy for you and I don't really buy many foods that aren't healthy.

Well, what about our house and all the candy we have... we have like the candy house.
She got me.



Hershey's Moma


  1. Love the Christmas pic from 2005!! What a fun, unexpected time it sounds like you had with little miss. :)

  2. I just heard of Ulta for the first time last week. Mint chocolate chip sounds like a wonderful bubble bath scent.

  3. My kids would like your house if it's the candy house :) Got all caught up on yours posts and loved each one. I love the tree, your middle son reciting that lovely verse, Nana waving...thanks for the peek :)

  4. HA! the candy house :) my kids would so get me on that, too!! what a fun look back to 2005 :)



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