Last night.

I just couldn't wait another day...
At the suggestion of our oldest we did the Gingerbread houses, and gingerbread tree last night.
Everyone helped but it quickly turned into a little competition.
Our oldest decided about mid way through the decorating
that we should have Daddy be the judge because
he wasn't really watching the decorating-
(he was on the phone with a patient for much of the decorating)
Big mister really was our 'taste tester'.
Girlie was our tree builder.

Very carefully she added each layer as her first house she made collapsed with all the heavy layers-
It wasn't for waste thought. Big mister enjoyed eating most all of it.
In the end our oldest and his girlfriend decided their house needed snow coming off of the roof top.
Their frosting bag was just about out and they really had to 
squeeze every last drop out of it to achieve the 'look' they wanted.
While little miss had started to be satisfied with how hers was turning out 
so she moved on to even decorate a little place setting for the tree.
All finished!
And they are still standing this morning.
Still waiting to be judged.


Hershey's Moma


  1. sweet pics capturing a sweet time! are those still going to be around dec 1st? ;)

  2. Those are great...what fun family time. Now I want some Dots!

  3. It looks y'all had a wonderful, sugar filled night.

  4. Love them! Still wrapping my head around the whole girlfriend thing. :) What a fun night!!



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