King Sized

The housekeeping.
Going in and out of all of the bedrooms collecting all of the laundry but never making the beds-

Putting 'stuff' in safe places so they will know where to find it when they absolutely have to have it-

Sorting. Loading. Drying. Folding. Wait an hour and 12 minutes for the towels and bath mats to dry. Consult the internet for Christmas gifts and buy some. (so so close to being done!!)
Made a mental note where his running shoes are so when he asks me I will know-
Washing fruit. (the apples are really good right now-)

And when my husband came home [late] from work he asks me what I'm doing. (although he can clearly see what I'm doing) I'm eating a stocking stuffer... and it's... (I look down at it and back up at my husband) 

king sized!!


Hershey's Moma

1 comment:

  1. You're so good at keeping order and taking great care of your home and loved ones. Hope you enjoyed your sweets :)



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