[but it feels like Saturday]
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Friday was our last day at Disney.
Last day of vacation (no matter where we go) equals toy purchasing day!!
Little mister had been eyeing the light up swords every single night and then when it came down to making his 'one favorite toy' purchase for the week he didn't pick the sword... he picked a mater truck.

Saturday we traveled home. It was a long long trip. Stopping at Cracker Barrel helped a bit and as I was sitting next to little miss I couldn't help but notice how in one week her hair soaked up the Florida sun!

Sunday on the road again. While traveling we surprised Nana B. for a visit. She was excited. And if you look real close at the picture with her house you can see her in the front window blowing kisses to us.

Monday was filled with lots of homework for our oldest 2 
and lots of patients for my husband. [with all of them working beyond sun down] The littlest ones were still on Mickey time and had a hard time getting to bed in a timely manner. So what's a mom to do??
Bring out the balloons of course-

Tuesday I'm feeling a tad bit guilty for bringing out the Christmas while we still have the pumpkins...

Wednesday was a wonderful and much needed stay in your jammie's all day.
(well so was Monday and Tuesday for the 4 year old big mister so I decided to join him on Wednesday)
(and no I didn't curl my hair for jammie day that's left over from Tuesday)
(and Danielle when you asked what curlers I used I forgot to tell you
I also use a flat iron for 'wavy' curls)

Thursday we had a fun day of Thankfulness at Nana and Papaw's house. Once we came home for the night I tried to talk the kids into snuggling in for a Christmas movie. 
They picked Land Before Time instead.  
My husband and oldest had their hunting boots ready by the front door as we headed off to bed...

They'll spend today hunting while I promised our 9 year old
I would take him shopping.
[he wants to spend the money he's been saving]

Yeah for Friday that feels like Saturday!!


Hershey's Moma


  1. i had to laugh as i read the first words of this post b/c when i saw you 'insta-fridayed' i was like.....why is she doing that on a saturday?! lol. have fun shopping!! <3

  2. great pics!!! stopping by from instafriday :)



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