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Happy Friday!! A look at my cell phone pictures from this past week...

Fun hair day… ponytails for girlie and I.
Big mister peeking out into the darkness from his bed asking, “are the guys going to be home by sun up?”
We have flowers in November; snapdragons.
Beef Stew; perfect on a cool fall night.
14 year oldest gaming with 4 year old youngest. (4 year old is starting to get the cold our 14 year old had)
10 minute tidy. (I even moved her bed!)
Hibachi dinner. My husband and our middle one sat next to each other. (I was between the 2 littles.)
A grilled cheese completely trimmed of crust.  (eaten ‘to the crust’!)
Girlie had a friend over after school; sharing slushies.
Eggs over easy with toast shapes for dipping. (girlies breakfast a few days this week)
Laundry away. (Before my husband came home from work. Bonus!!)
Daughter dressed up our 4 year old in a pumpkin outfit while we were at T.J. Maxx. (a couple weeks ago now but it completely fit in with this weeks pictures seeing how I didn't get one on Halloween)
Brown paper package wrapped and ready to go in the mail… Jen did you get it??
While I was getting new breaks on my car mister snuck my laptop onto his lap and acted like it was no big deal-
Oldest excited to receive a package of new shoes in the mail.

And I'll say it again; Happy Friday!!


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  1. i was distracted in the first pic admiring your cute sweater (or jacket perhaps?) looks so cozy! that pic of the lil mister with the laptop is HIL.AR.IOUS I'm now going to have to google "hibachi" and see if we've got one around here. happy weekend to you! <3

  2. All such great moments...I love it. This is the second post I have seen about beef stew...I might have to make some. Packages are always a great thing...both sending and getting in the mail. How sweet to make little toast shapes...such a good mama :) Happy FRIDAY!!!



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