In Concert.

Last Christmas our 9 year old (who was 8 at the time) received Paper Jamz
It was one of his favorite presents by far. It wasn't long after Christmas that he set a goal himself 
to save enough money for a drum set. He looked up the price of a drum set online.
 He then started putting away the money little by little over the months 
as he would work sorting papers for his Daddy. 
A few weeks ago now he had saved just under enough money for a drum set. 
With Black Friday coming he couldn't wait to see just how far the price would fall...
As he pulled up the add on Thanksgiving he decided then he would rather bring home an electric guitar.
He did-

...and as we were driving to the store I asked him 
where he thought he would keep his guitar...
he thought about it and said, 
probably at Papaw's house!!
Actually he's been 'in concert' in our foyer...
(same video as the first one, only watch it again if you're finding yourself
with nothing else to do or you are Nana/Papaw... then enjoy!!)


Hershey's Moma

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