Housekeeping. Complete. {week 44}

 I've moved all my getting ready stuff to girlies bathroom this morning. Big mister is right beside me 
as I finish up. "Mascara? Are you trying to get your eyelashes as long as mine??" he asks. 
(we have an ongoing 'competition' in our family with the kids 
as to whose eyelashes are longest...
because what they don't know is Daddy says the longer the eye lashes 
the more likely they are to experience allergies...)
The new housekeepers are in our bathroom getting it all sparkling clean... It's been 3 years since we've had any kind of serious housekeeping going on here. It-was-time. (my husband has been asking and asking.) I know. Why did it take me 2 full years you ask?? I just really wanted to do it all on my own. As I've been up to this weekly completing though I've really been able to see I can't do it all and something had to give...



Hershey's Moma


  1. My kids both have such beautiful, long eye lashes! Good for you for letting go :)

  2. You look so stinkin' cute! What kind of curlers do you use? I'm going tonight to get my hair done. Cut and color! Going blonder!!!



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