When we've been gone I miss home. What I miss about home though is different every time. This time I really missed cooking. At home. In my kitchen. So the very first thing I did after we all unloaded the car was cook a big pasta meal... I made all of our favorites; Italian Chicken, Mac-n-Cheese, and Raviolis with rolls.
Our oldest invited his girlfriend over and we all sat around the table eating and telling our Disney Vacation tales...
The first tale we told:
We laughed as we [re] told the story about 4 year old Big mister and his hesitation 
for the transportation involved-
(the transportation to get to Disney)
I'll tell that story tomorrow.
Then the story about meeting the characters.
The characters (especially the princesses) liked to nickname our boys.
Cinderella nicknamed our 9 year old middle son "muscles." 
And finally the kids wrapped up the story telling with this:
As I was sitting next to our 4 year old during dinner I glanced his way and without thinking said,
your cheeks are all red sweetie... 
to which our oldest glanced his way and said,
  isn't that from the red popsicle he ate yesterday and got all over his face?? 
Wait, has he had a bath since then??
Oh my.
I've been picking my favorite pictures and if I had to narrow it down to just 3 from our trip it would be these:

It's good to be home-


Hershey's Moma

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