Hello!! The rotten truth?

The rotten truth is I'm late!! And it all started with the cookies...
first snow fall November 11, 2011
You see by today if I was going to be moving right along with the Happy Day Project I would have already given my fresh baked cookies out to the neighbor (or neighbors), written a hand written note for somebody, given a gift card to a homeless person, and have sent a book off to a friend.

The reality is Life doesn't always go as planned. Help others anyway. -Jeannett, Life Rearranged.

I baked the cookies and then thought I've been too busy lately to bake for my own family let alone bake for somebody else... The rotten truth; life is busy, help others anyway.

As I saw project number 2 I thought hand write a note when I am barely handwriting my grocery list each week?? The rotten truth; life is a bit impersonal. Help others anyway.

Then the gift card to a homeless person. REALLY? I wanted to quit right then. Pretend I hadn't read that. Walk away and say that project really wasn't for me... Then I remembered the homeless person I saw at our 'homeless corner' in town a few weeks ago. As I sat waiting for the light to change from red to green he was right beside my car. I really tried not to look but what was he doing? I glance out of the corner of my eye. He was changing in to a fresh new shirt for the day. All on the side of the road. Beside my car. He didn't stop there, he put on new pants also. Zipped up his backpack, picked his cardboard sign back up and continued standing there. The light changed and I drove off thinking about him. The rotten truth; life isn't all sunshine and roses. Help others anyway.

A book off to a friend. Aww. That one is easy for me. This one pulled me back into the project. I love love love to read. I love to get and give books.
The rotten truth; life can be lovely and messy and busy and impersonal and unplanned. Help others anyway.

I'm going to be late. I'm going to help others anyway.


Hershey's Moma


  1. proud of you! love the happy day project....thinking about how I can participate, too. better late than never, of course!! ;)
    happy weekend <3

  2. I really think all that matters is that you're doing something...not what day you do it on. I think it's wonderful that you're jumping in...late and all. I need to do much more for others.

  3. I think your list is a great one! Whether it all happened in one day or over the course of's all good stuff.

    My mom's day group made give away bags for the homeless. I will keep 3 in my car at all times when I need to have something to give. It has 2 breakfast bars, a hand warmer (like hunters use), small packet of kleenex, a toothbrush and little toothpaste, little bottle of water, in a gallon ziploc. I can add a personal note if I want, but if I always have these on hand, then I don't have to avoid eye contact any longer.

  4. I've had the same thoughts about the Happy Day Project but I think it's a great project so we're going to do it next week {I've got jury duty this week}. Yep, life gets in the way.

    Yay for the first snow fall.



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