Happy Thanksgiving!

The day as it unfolded:

Up with the sun; just after 9.
Wrote out a great quote and had girlie color around it on the chalkboard-
I didn't have to cook a thing for today so I spent a greater portion of my morning
washing all of the glue frosting off of the kitchen table and floor.
At a quarter to one I called Nana and asked what time dinner would be-
Nana's beautiful table with slightly discontent mister as he is deciding just where he really wants to sit.
Beautiful dishes with plastic cups for an easier way to tell whose cup is whose.
Outside play time turned argument turned make up time as required by Daddy.
Time for pie!! A piece of pumpkin and a piece of apple; no whip cream. Thank you.
(I didn't do any cooking but I did do a lot of clean up...)
A little bit of 'rastling'.
And tickling.
And snoozing.
(my brother)
Coin sorting; all of the states.
(a much quieter activity)
Lastly, a group family photo.

Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving day!!


Hershey's Moma

1 comment:

  1. Great pictures!!! I absolutely love all of the large group family ones and that you included the ones where everyone is moving, etc. What a fun day!



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